Our journey began in 2021…

We launched into the tech space to create solutions for the world and impact the next generation and we have been doing this ever since then.


We provide end-to-end software development, quality assurance, and support services to a wide range of clients, established and startups at various stages of development.

Meshboc is a full-service development and quality assurance firm that specializes in developing time-sensitive and creative, mobile, and web applications. We provide technical knowledge, excellent engineering talent, rigorous best practices, a commitment to protecting client's intellectual property.

Meshboc has successfully delivered well over to many of clients. Among our customers are large corporations, dynamic startups, blockchain communities, tech companies, digital innovators, financial services providers, and publishers.

We've perfected a simple, cost-effective method for engaging and exiting development and quality assurance processes at the correct time and with the necessary resources. Our broad experience has given us the ability to create quick, cost-effective solutions that integrate smoothly with product and business strategy, infrastructure analysis, architecture, UX design, rapid development, blockchain development (smart-contracts), functional QA and many more.

"Software development is not just about writing code; it's about crafting solutions that shape the future.".

Femi Michael Balogun