Coding Fundamentals


Duration: 1 Months

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What To Learn

Basic HTML structure

Learn the basic structure of a web page and see how you can help a web browser understand your content

Text formatting

Add style to your content with text formatting options like bold, italics, strikethrough, colors, etc.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Learn how to add images to your pages

Forms and frames

Use forms to capture user information


Make your own artwork using Canvas to render 2D shapes and patterns

API Queries

Select, sort, and identify data in a database using SQL queries.

If and Else statements

Start shaping the flow and purpose of your program with if and else conditional statements


Keep your code efficient and manageable by using built-in functions and your own custom functions

Headings, paragraph

The second text to map

Elements and Attributes

Discover some of the most useful elements and attributes. Use them to create different information formats

Lists and tables

Display more complex data using lists and tables

Audio and video elements

Bring your pages to life using audio and video elements


Create tables by adding, updating, and deleting data.


Use variables to help your program store data


Create and operate with lists to store multiple items in a single variable. This means you can handle more types of data